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children of the cornbread.

are you there god?

i don’t want to be contributor to a culture of stagnatism.
i don’t wan’t to contribute to the perpetuation of useless information or material excess.

there comes a point in time where you just get tired of not being shit, not doing shit, or being a piece of shit.

Otis Redding - Let Me Be Good to Youย via.ย mondaytofridaystylediary

common - my way home (produced by kanye west)

Imaan Hammam in "Sex on the Beach" for Vogue, ph. Sean Thomas

Imaan Hammam inย "Sex on the Beach"ย for Vogue, ph. Sean Thomas

bugriot:ย Ravi Shankar

never posted these. my last week in china: shaolin/dengfeng, shanghai, beijing.

the jimi hendrix experience - one rainy wish.