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i’ve steadily become uninterested in what others have to say or decide to share. i feel like i’ve been using the internet the wrong way (so i should definitely just stop). i don’t want to succumb to the trappings of nostalgia, i want to continuously move forward. all of these sentences are unrelated in some sense, but come from the same mono-conversation/on-going thought from today.

LINK: Keep Up-To-Date On the Events in Ferguson

*In lieu of the constant influx of new information regarding the  events in Ferguson and the death of Michael Brown, I’m going to keep this link on the first page of this blog. Update: More Recent Updates via. VOX Here

i don’t want to be contributor to a culture of stagnatism.
i don’t wan’t to contribute to the perpetuation of useless information or material excess.

The Science of Self Realization // Easy Journey to Other Planets (Full Text)

Andre 3000 - Vibrate/She Lives In My Lap [Live @ Lollapalooza 2014]

Alice Coltrane (Turiyasangitananda) and Swami Satchidananda beside the Ganges River.

Alice Coltrane (Turiyasangitananda) and Swami Satchidananda beside the Ganges River.

Portraits: Ethiopia, by Ngaire Hart

Prince and the Revolution - Charade (Unauthorized Bootleg)

Prince and the Revolution - Charade (Unauthorized Bootleg)

i never liked this nigga …

The cosmic manifestation is inferior nature, but beyond this nature, which is manifested and unmanifested, there is another nature, which is called sanātana, eternal. It is easy to understand that everything manifested here is temporary. The obvious example is our body. If one is thirty years old, thirty years ago his body was not manifested, and in another fifty years it will again be unmanifested. That is a factual law of nature. It is manifested and again annihilated, just as waves in the sea rise frequently and then recede. The materialist, however, is simply concerned with this mortal life, which can be finished at any moment. Furthermore, as this body will die, so the entire universe, this gigantic material body, will be annihilated, and whether we are fortunate or unfortunate, on this planet or another planet, everything will be finished.

His Divine Grace Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

nbga: ig: nbga_feingold //

nbga: ig: nbga_feingold //

LINK: Scientific Proof That We Are Becoming Literal Gods!

Jimi: All Is By My Side clip: “Police”. [Source: NME]

racists blow their covers all the time and it’s hilarious. like they love to quote statistics linking crime to race (as if people of color are naturally criminals), but they won’t quote the studies linking poverty to crime which puts things in a greater, more logical perspective.